SINCE 2005

     With more than 15 years of experience in Thai culinary and restaurant businesses in Australia, Dubai, Thailand and San Diego, a group of Thai entrepreneurs in San Diego have come together to establish MKFP International Trading Inc. in 2018.

        We create standardized Thai food with original Thai flavors not only for Thais but also for prospective business owners who are interested in having Thai food on their menu. From ready to cook curry sauce or cooking sauce to frozen appetizers and desserts, our ingredients are premium and carefully-selected to give authentic and consistent flavors. Our menus contain no MSG or artificial preservatives. We offer a new and very easy process of cooking Thai menus that saves your shelving space, your time and your energy. Just one, two and done!
       MKFP International Trading has several partners that could help you start your Thai restaurant venture and maximize your profit with our full supply chain service to all food service facilities in the United States.